Like It Or Not These Are 7 Traits Every Stubborn Girl Has

Women really can be stubborn- we know.

To the guys who can handle it, props to you. To the guys who can’t, goodbye. And to the guys who are equally as stubborn, good luck with that one.

Here are 7 characteristics every stubborn girl possesses. The good and bad. 

1. We never like to be wrong.

Never. So if you’re going to blatantly tell us we are wrong, even if we are, you better be ready to endure what might follow.

2. We apologize a lot.

So if we do realize we screwed up, we will genuinely apologize a lot. We are the first to be hard on ourselves so if we mess up we want to make sure you understand how deeply sorry we are.

3. We feel.

In every aspect of life, we let ourselves fully feel the emotions that accompany the moment. Sometimes we don’t show it because we are guarded but don’t be fooled because behind the wall is a bundle of emotions. Everything we do, we do with our whole heart although we know this can be a downfall.

4. We overthink everything.

Because we are so emotionally invested into situations like relationships, work, school, etc. we tend to think too much into things. Every word said, every little action whether it as meant to communicate anything or not, we’ll spend countless hours trying to understand. Since we don’t take advice easily, we like to figure things out on our own and that’s where the excessive thinking comes it.

5. We don’t like to be taken care of.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t take care of us, I’m just saying at first it’s not going to be something we like. We’re pretty independent so when someone tries to take care of us our instinct kicks in because that’s all we’ve known. We’ll over think why you are taking care of us at all and what you’re saying by doing so, even if you didn’t mean a thing from it. Especially if we’re drunk- don’t even think about it. We’re fine and you’re too sober.

6. We like to be challenged.

Whether that be in backyard football or in relationships with guys. Any man for girls like us will not agree with everything we say. He’ll voice his own option and push her to go further or rethink something. He’ll make her a better person through doing this.

7. We are who we are.

Take us as we are or leave. We don’t change just because society or someone tells us to. We are true to ourselves and will always be strong-willed when it comes to being ourselves.

“I got fire in my blood and desire in my bones. I am who I am and I don’t give a damn. ‘Cause that’s just how I roll.”