Kip Moore & Tony Hawk Are Working On A Charity Event Together & The Kid In Me Loves It

Nothing goes together like skateboarding and country music.

Well, not really, but who gives a sh*t. I had a skate phase from about 3rd grade to 7th and, during that time, nobody was bigger than Tony Hawk. I still remember watching him land that 900 in 1999 and losing my 10 year old sh*t over it. I played Tony Hawk Pro Skater religiously and even put a small half-pipe in my barn. Eventually, I got tired of killing myself and hung up the ol’ skateboard, but I still respect the hell out of those guys.

All that being said, you can imagine how pumped I am to see one of my childhood heroes talk about collaborating with one of my favorite country artists right now. Put Tony Hawk and Kip Moore together, changing lives, and I couldn’t be more jacked for anything on the planet.

Make it happen fellas. We’re behind you 100%


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