Indiana Squirrels Are Attacking People

Uh oh.

I like squirrels, but you’re never really sure how to act around them when they get too close. I always have this feeling like they’re going to jump at my face and rip it off. Growing up in Indiana I saw them everywhere, all the time. Anyways, a recent report says that Indiana squirrels, particularly those around the campus of IUPUI are extra aggressive.

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More from USA Today:

When visiting Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, it may be best to cover your ankles from the hostile and possibly disease-ridden squirrels. “Recently, there have been reports of aggressive squirrels around the IUPUI campus,” the school wrote in a Campus Life blog post on July 25. “Squirrels may look cute, and they are fun to watch scampering about, but they should not be treated as pets.”

Squirrels are known to carry diseases such as rabies, salmonella and even plague, the university said. IUPUI students and workers are advised to stop feeding the furry menaces.

“If fed by humans often enough, they will stop foraging for their own food and will rely on humans,” the university said. When squirrels get used to being fed, they lose their fear and start approaching people for a handout. If they don’t get food, the university said, the squirrels may attack.

A squirrel is basically a cute rodent that likes food and will jump your ass if it feels like it. Feed these little things at your own risk.

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