Hangry Nashville Lady Stabs Ex-Boyfriend When He Refuses To Make Her Food

Never. I mean fucking NEVER, mess with someone when they are hangry. All the guys out there in a relationship know exactly what I am talking about…

This lady’s hangriness went to another level when she decided to stab her man after he said he wasn’t going to make her any food. Look lady, I get it, I do, but you can’t use a knife here, no weapons.

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More from Fox17:

A Nashville woman was charged after an affidavit said she stabbed her ex-boyfriend after he refused to make her some food.

Stranesha Buford, 29, is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The man said his ex-girlfriend, Buford, asked him to make her some food, to which he refused. Buford then tried to hit the victim with a glass, but he was able to restrain her.
While Buford was restrained, the affidavit said she stabbed the victim in the left side of his back with a kitchen knife. The victim was able to hold onto Buford until a family member came to pick him up.

Buford is being held in Davidson County Jail on a $35,000 bond. It sounds like the guy is gonna be OK.

Grab your HANGRY tanks here, ladies.

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A group of people in the snow

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