10 OMG Hangover Statements Every Girl Tells Herself

As you get older, that hangover gets worse.

There’s no way around it. It’s Struggle City. It’s a bitch. You think you’re dying. We all tell ourselves that one thing as each hangover hits. Every girl says these statements when they are hungover based on their age.

It’s just the facts.

Hungover at 21.

OMG, let’s drink again today!

Hungover at 22.

OMG, why did I have sex with him?

Hungover at 23.

OMG, why did I text my ex?

Hungover at 24.

OMG, why did I go to that club?

Hungover at 25.

OMG, why did I eat that much Taco Bell?

Hungover at 26.

OMG, I am never drinking again. Can I die from a hangover?

Hungover at 27.

OMG, why did I get that drunk in front of my boss?

Hungover at 28.

OMG, why did I make vacation plans with those girls?

Hungover at 29.

OMG, why did I agree to go to spin class with her?

Hungover at 30.

OMG, why did I agree to go to her wedding?

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