Jamey Johnson Stops Show And Rips Fan A New One Over American Flag

Jamey Johnson has been all over the news lately and I wish it had more to do with music.

I’m sure you remember the gun control controversy (read full story here) in South Carolina, where Jamey and his band refused to play the show because of the security policies of the venue. This time he’s back and mad as hell at a fan that was flying a flag during his show at Tumbleweed Music Festival this past weekend. The problem was, it was not the American flag.

“I don’t know what the fuck that is, but this is the American flag, not that one. I don’t know what point you’re trying to make but you’re pissing me off. You get rid of that motherf*cker. I love you people, but I’m not here to support any bullshit statements you’re out to make tonight.”


According to other sources and videos from the event, the flag was a “Thin Blue Line” American flag which is said to be in support of the men and women in law enforcement. Jamey wasn’t trying to put the down our police force specifically, but it seems like the idea of any flag, other than the American flag, being flown at his show was enough to piss off the former Marine. He threatened to stop the show until the flag was taken down. It was and the show resumed.

Does Jamey have a point or should he just shut up and play music?

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A beer bottle on a dock