Brett Eldredge Gets Emotional About His Grandpa’s Death On This Week’s ‘Hollywood Medium’

Now this will be an episode I watch.

If you’ve never seen Hollywood Medium on E!, give it a chance. Tyler Henry is Hollywood’s go-to clairvoyant, as he allegedly has the ability to speak with loved one’s who have passed.

Henry has had some of Hollywood’s biggest stars on this show and each one gets even more emotional. Even if you don’t believe in his ability, it is actually such a great and interesting show. I’ll give you another reason to watch: Brett Eldredge is on this week! His skepticism was put to rest every time Henry stated another fact that no one else would know.

Tyler Henry posted a photo of the two of them and it got me so excited. The caption hints that Eldredge is going to finally get clarity on his grandpa’s death and the preview shows him getting teary-eyed. Will you be watching? Tune in this Wednesday (August 2) on E!

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A beer bottle on a dock