A Strong, Opinionated Woman is the One You Want a Life With

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I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Men are simple creatures. Sometimes, way too simple. When you ask them what they want in a future wife you’ll hear “for her to be chill, no drama.” Alright, we get that. A smart, successful, dude should also want for her to be fun, smart, adventurous, etc (all the good stuff).

There is one major combo trait that is often overlooked, however. Guys should want a girl who is opinionated and tough. Strong. Trust me, you don’t want a “yes” girl – a girl that just agrees with you at all times. You will lose your mind within three months – that’s a guarantee, gentlemen.

So, why is the strong, and opinionated girl the one you should hold on to? Here are 9 reasons.

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9. She will keep you on your toes.

She’ll challenge you. She’ll disagree with you. She’ll make you look at things differently. You want this for your future, not someone who will say “yes” to everything.

8. She has brains. Big ones.

Nothing worse than an airhead (that goes for guys and girls).

7. She’s seen a lot.

She’s tough for a reason.

6. She’s experienced more than most. 

The toughness likely came from real-life events. Maybe family tragedy or turmoil caused her to take a new path in life – whatever the reason is, that toughness goes a long way in making an amazing person.

5. She knows what she wants.

No bullshit here. No sugar-coating. She tells it like it is, and knows what she wants.

4. She can fight.

Obstacles? Watch her run through them.

3. She’s confident.

Given she’s experienced more than most, the confidence has grown steadily over the years. Watch her around people and she shines.

2. She’s independent.

She can do it all on her own if she needs to…

1. She’s a backbone of support when you need it most.

She’s tough. She’s opinionated. But man, you don’t want anyone else in your corner when you need someone most than her.

Cheers to the strong, opinionated women who can do it all…

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