14 Realities You’ll Only Understand If Your Significant Other Is In The Military

Getting involved with someone in the military is a tough endeavor.

Probably the toughest thing you’ll ever face. Going months without seeing them, feeling so lonely it hurts and screaming at some lady in Wal-Mart because she made some sh*thead joke about the United States going to war is just commonplace for you. While it may be incredibly difficult at times, you know that you just live by a different set of rules than the rest of the population. Truth is, it’s something you’ll only understand if you lived it.

Here’s 14 other realities you’ll only understand if your significant other is in the military.

1. They speak in acronyms that you won’t understand.

2. It’s hard to make civilian friends because they just don’t get it.

3. You laugh when people think long distance is living a few hours away.

4. “Home” starts to lose its meaning.

5. Skype is a life saver… and f*cking annoying.

6. You will eventually have a screaming match with somebody about the military.

7. Sometimes you feel like you’re in the military too because how much of it controls your life.

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8. Stories about cheating terrify you.

9. You won’t be able to understand their crappy day, you just listen.

10. Airports suck.

11. Your dreams are officially on hold most of the time.

12. People think you’re dumb for doing it.

13. People that complain about their regular job annoy you.

14. There’s nothing stronger than military love.

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