This Clever App Eliminates Arguments Over What Movie You And Your Friends Should Watch

This is exactly what I need.

Every single time I am ready to sit down and have a movie night with my friends or boyfriend, it is never easy. It’s always the back and forth banter of “I don’t care, you pick” or “You’re the guest, you pick.” Every single time.

Well, I think my problem is about to be solved. This clever app called MovieGrade helps you and your friends find a movie based on your interests or how you’ve rated movies in the past.

They explain it perfectly themselves, and I am super interested:

MovieGrade is an iOS app that solves a very important question for movie fans. What should I watch tonight? We serve up personalized movie recommendations both in theater and streaming, based on users taste (think Spotify for movies). Users can grade and share movies they have seen, seamlessly providing data to fuel our recommendation engine. 

According to Bustle, the new feature Blend uses a social media algorithm to figure out what you and your friends like, or don’t like.

Once you and your friends are all set up in the system, you can select whoever you’re watching a movie with in that moment (whether it’s one person or a group of people) and the app will use its algorithm to suggest films that you and your selected users will most likely share an interest in. – Bustle

Count me in. This will definitely save me lots of time on my next movie night. Available in the App Store.

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