Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Past Relationship With Blake Shelton In New Interview

Finally talking about the elephant in the room.

It has been nearly two years since Miranda Lambert and country’s Blake Shelton revealed they were calling it quits, and since then, we haven’t heard much about it.

In a recent interview with BillboardLambert finally spills some tea on her famous past relationship. She recalls falling out of love with music at the time her and Shelton were living together.

“I remember I had to write a song for a Dodge RAM commercial. It was hard. I barely got it out, and I was like, ‘Man, I need some fuel. I have to go fall in love with it again,'” she recalls.

Lambert’s divorce has definitely allowed her emotions in her music to shine through a little more, rightfully so. She tells Billboard that her story has been told.

“If you want to hear my side of the story or my opinion of what happened, it’s all on there,” the songstress reveals about her last album, “There’s no mystery anymore—take from it what you will.”

Oooh, sounds juicy. Miranda Lambert’s sixth album released back in 2016, The Weight of These Wings, is jam-packed with heartbreaking lyrics.

“And I don’t try to justify the reason I’m not living right / I wear my sadness like a souvenir / I drink too much to fall apart that’s how I fight this broken heart / So what, if I feel comfortable in here.”

But Miranda’s fans shouldn’t be sad for her love life. She has been enjoying her time with boo Anderson East and living in her large estate outside of Nashville. She’s doing alright.

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