Stay Single Until You Find This Girl…

Dating can be a complicated mess, as I’m sure many of you know.

As a guy, I can tell you first hand the best things happen when you wait for the right one. There’s nothing wrong with being single, and never, ever, string a woman along for an extended period of time – it does nobody any good.

Guys, stay single until you find a woman that…

…wants to travel with you.

…accepts you at your worst.

…doesn’t mind if you spend Saturday with the boys.

…supports your passions.

…doesn’t try to change you.

…shares your same values.

…respects the grind that comes with you chasing your dream.

…knows money isn’t everything.

…is willing to try new things with you.

…doesn’t mind if you have a few too many from time to time.

…sticks up for you when you need it most.

…and comforts you during the darkest times.

…allows you to be yourself in any environment.

…doesn’t judge you for your faults or past mistakes.

…makes you laugh to the point of tears.

…challenges you to be better.

…says “I love you” with conviction.

…motivates you on a daily basis.

…puts something in your soul you’ve never felt – a love so strong life without her would seem meaningless.

Wait for that woman.

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