Whiskey Shot Jenga Is Here To Officially Make Your Summer Even Drunker

You’ve probably heard of dirty Jenga. Maybe even “Drunken Tower Jenga”.

But have you heard of Shot Jenga? You have now.

Quickly becoming a favorite for backyard drinking or at breweries, outdoor Jenga sets, which can come at almost human sized heights, are about to become a fan favorite for a whole new reason.

Some geniuses came up with the idea to add shot sized holes to random pieces of the set, and whoever pulls that piece out has to take the shot. Sound like your kind of game? Yeah, mine too.

If you aren’t too crafty with woodworking, click here to buy your own customizable set. Split it between roommates, friends or family to keep the party going and save more money for more shots.

This right here is a game changer.