Lady Sets Apartment Building On Fire While Trying To Kill Bug

If you’re a guy in a relationship you’re probably the “bug killer.”

Any girl I have ever known shrieks in horror at the sight of a bug, let alone having to kill it. That’s exactly what happened here when a lady set her apartment building on fire in order to kill a bug.

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From LJWorld:

TOPEKA — An eastern Kansas woman accidentally has set her apartment on fire in an attempt to kill a bug by burning it with a small, flip-style lighter. Monique Quarles tells The Topeka Capital-Journal that sparks shot out of the lighter and caused a mattress to catch fire in the Fairlawn Green Apartments complex in Topeka.

After she was unable to put out the fire, Quarles left the unit with two others and began alerting residents of the fire. Fire officials say 13 adults and six children have been displaced.

Topeka Fire Department Battalion Chief Chris Herrera says one person was taken to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation. Officials estimate that the fire caused $140,000 in damage.

Just smash the bug next time. Just smash it. Don’t burn a building halfway to the ground.

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