If He Doesn’t Do These 11 Things For You, DUMP HIS A**

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Everyone wants that fairy tale love. The kind of love they show in rom-coms. Problem is, or reality is I should say, it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes you have to look at the big picture made up of many little things to figure out what true love is.

If a guy does these 11 things consistently, you might of just found “the one” – and the one you better make damn sure you don’t lose.

11. He busts his ass for both of you.

He’s not working long hours for himself, your future is also his.

10. You always feel safe.

Whether it’s cover during a storm, walking on the outside of the sidewalk, or sticking up for you, there’s never a doubt he is there to protect.

9. He buys you flowers.

I’m not talking once a year on your birthday or Valentine’s Day – I’m talking monthly, or weekly.

8. He supports you through thick and thin.

No matter the battle or stress, he’s by your side.

7. He tells you he loves you often.

It’s better to be annoyed with him saying it too much than wondering if he does really love you.

6. He surprises you.

Right when you think things are in a bit of a lull he finds a way to brighten your day.

5. He asks how your day was.

This shows he cares.

4. He compliments you.

Not once, not here and there. Rather he’s always telling you how good you look, and how lucky he is.

3. He wants to try new things with you.

Whether it’s a new hobby, new food, foreign land, he wants to experience it with you. Maybe even mixing it up in the bedroom…

2. He always kisses you goodbye in the morning.

A small gesture that goes a long way.

1. He’s always willing to help – he’s always there for you.

No matter how bad the fight or disagreement, it doesn’t take him more than 5 minutes to come back to Earth and love you, help you, be there for you.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock