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11 Signs You Were An Agriculture Major In College

It can be hard to stand out on a college campus, but ag kids are one of a kind.

Here’s why.

1. You wear your boots everywhere.

Class. Work. The bar. It doesn’t matter where you go, you are rarely seen without your boots on.

2. You and most of your classmates are from map dot towns.

Especially at large universities, it’s hard to come by people who aren’t from a big city. Meanwhile, you grew up having to drive an hour to get to the nearest mall. Fortunately, you and your classmates can relate because you are all from little Podunk towns.

3. You spend more time outside than inside during class.

Whether it is in the fields or in the barn, you spend a lot of time learning in the great outdoors, which is 100 times better than sitting in a classroom all day.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

4. So, you may not always smelled the best.

Okay, so spending time outside has its downfalls. You may not always smell the freshest when going to class. Cow poop and sweat? That’s just the smell of hard work.

5. You are no amateur when it comes to drinking beer.

There was nothing else to do in that middle-of-nowhere town you grew up in, so you have mastered the art of beer drinking. Those skills have definitely not gone to waste at college.

6. Your professors understand when home/work comes first.

Agriculture professors know that, sometimes, class isn’t your top priority. Whether it’s harvest season, planting season, or calving season, they understand when you are needed on the family farm.

7. You don’t spend a whole lot of time in the dance clubs.

Strobe lights, EDM music, and grinding on strangers isn’t really your thing. You’re much more likely to be kicked back at a bar, sipping on a Jack and Coke, and singing along to a Merle Haggard tune.

8. UNLESS it’s a country line dancing bar.

But really, who can resist the Watermelon Crawl? There’s just something about line dancin’ and two steppin’ the night away.

9. You know your classmates by which tractor/seed company/etc. they prefer.

John Deere versus Case IH. Dekalb versus Pioneer. Every ag kid has made their choice. Odds are, you have either made friends because of this choice, or have spent a lot of time giving someone shit for being on the wrong team.

10. You work hard and play harder.

People who work harder than farmers and ag folk are hard to come by. You spend your time working hard, but when the day is done, you’re a pro at crackin’ open a beer and lettin’ the good times roll.

11. You’re extremely passionate about your career.

A lot of people are dedicated to their career, but the passion that people in the agriculture field have is hard to match. Hours and hours of your time are put into making a difference and feeding the world, but you know those long, hot days are worth every second when you are doing what you love.]

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock