37 Things That Happen As You Get Drunk on Jack Daniel’s

A person holding a bottle of beer

I love Jack Daniel’s. Sometimes, I love Jack Daniel’s a little too much.

The progression from sober to drunk on Jack is one filled with many thoughts, confusion, and even danger. As Nick Swardson says, “Jack Daniel’s…fucking good luck.” Here’s what’s going on in your head…

37. I’m craving something that’s gonna hit hard.

36. I don’t feel like being responsible tonight so…I’ll drink Jack Daniel’s.

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35. Fuck.

34. How should I drink it? Shots, sip, mixed drink?

33. Shot it is.

32. I feel it coating my stomach.

31. I needed this.

30. Maybe I’ll switch to Jack and Coke so I don’t end up in a fist fight.

29. I wonder how much it costs them to make a bottle of this stuff.

28. I have the urge to Tweet up a storm…

27. We should probably do another shot.

26. Hm… shot #2 was better.

25. I love this song the bar’s playing. I’d probably love any song at this point.

24. Time for shot #3.

23. I’m worried somebody will need to take care of me tonight if I keep doing shots…

22. I love this song, let’s do another shot.

21. OK, no more shots.

20. I’m gonna yack if I do another.

19. Hangover is going to be a bitch.

18. Should chug a water.

17. Not gonna chug a water.

16. We should probably do another shot.

15. This fuckin’ guy, did he really just shoulder brush me like that walking by? Is he looking to fight?

14. That’s the Jack talking, calm down.

13. Pretty drunk, should start making vacation plans with my friends that will never happen.

12. It’s taking over my body.

A person holding a trophy

11. Who’s gonna blackout with me?

10. Another shot.

9. Is it just me or is this stuff getting smoother. Like velvet. I love life.

8. Keep ’em coming. Lost count.

7. Life is great. Really great. Where am I?

A person holding a trophy

6. Gonna tell my friends how much I love them.

5. Then I’m gonna smile at myself in the bathroom mirror, and tell myself everything is great and nobody knows I’m drunk.

4. One more shot.

3. I should probably just scream “woo!” right now.

2. How many shots is that? I can’t feel my lips.

1. I am blind.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock