Guy Drives To Canada For Concert, Forgets Where He Parked, Calls On The Internet For Help

The morning after Sunday’s concert, Gavin Strickland called his parents with a horrible confession: after driving across the Canadian border from Syracuse in the name of heavy metal, he’d lost the car.

This weekend, after a day spent in Oshawa, Gavin parked his blue-green Nissan Versa Sedan somewhere on the first floor of an indoor parking garage. The garage was within an $8-cab-ride of the Rogers Centre.

He just doesn’t know where.

Now, three days later, his parents have enlisted the amateur scavenger-hunters of Toronto to help remedy the directional snafu of their “doofy son.”

“Can’t make this up,” a Tuesday evening Craiglist posting by Eric and Michele Strickland, who reside in the U.S., reads. A $100 reward has been offered for anyone who’ll scour Toronto’s parking garages for the wayward vehicle.

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Congrats buddy, you just made it to the top of the idiot list.

There are like 3000 different apps floating around the mobilesphere that can help you pin point exactly where your blue-green Nissan Versa. Of course, it would probably be easier to identify it you could cut it down to, I don’t know, one color? I had a buddy drunkenly ride his bike home one night and forget where he tied it up and you want to know what happened Gavin? He found it two years later with no seat, handle bars or tires, but hey, he did a great job locking it up. Your car is probably on blocks somewhere near Edmonton by now eh?

To the poor saps that are actually going to try and find this blue-green disaster, may the odds be ever in your favor. Hope the $100 bucks is worth it.

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