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9 Reasons a Girl in Carhartt is ALWAYS Sexier Than a Girl in Heels

The working person’s brand never looked so good.

The girls rocking Carhartt > the girl in heels.

Why you ask? Here ya go.

1. They’re hip.

Carhartt has the country hipster vibe to it. Obviously a staple of the blue collar community, but girls have taken the  blue collar brand and made it “cool” again.

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2. They’re low maintenance.

When they say they don’t give a shit, they genuinely don’t give a shit. These are the girls who are not phased by much, and approach most situations with nonchalance. Their expectations are not high, and it doesn’t take much to make these girls happy.

3. They can hang with the guys.

She’ll drink, watch sports, participate in winter spots, etc. She’s the girl you get excited about your friends meeting.

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4. They know how to drink.

Maybe it’s just me, but the Carhartt girl is the one left standing after 8 shots of tequila. The girl in heels? Broken heel, lost phone, crying.

5. She’s a lot more fun and adventurous.

Climb something, kill something (as in fishing), try something new. She’s down for whatever.

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6. She prefers camp fire over candlelight.

Getting fancy is nice from time to time, but you want the girl drinking red wine out of a plastic cup and dropping the ‘f’ bomb occasionally. They’re real.

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7. Bottle service?

She doesn’t need it to feel special. A beer will do the trick. Or some whiskey.

8. She’s not superficial and materialistic.

A Carhartt girl likes, and respects, the simple beauties of life.

9. It just works.

Whether she’s in it to hunt, or to be fashionable, it stands out. When she makes this blue collar look that sexy, who needs heels?

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A person holding a trophy

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock