What A Girl’s Favorite Cheap Beer Says About Her

A person holding a bottle of wine

It’s a well-known fact that beer is good and people are crazy.

In fact, a girl’s favorite beer can be the perfect indicator as to whether or not she’s crazy, totally chill, or somewhere in between.

Busch Light

She’s likely still in college because Busch Light is the staple to college parties. She hasn’t tried many beers, which explains why Busch is her favorite, but it also makes her a simple girl. She’s not hard to please and always has a good time. She can be seen at literally any frat party or college bar.

Bud Light

She’s reliving her college bar days and always post Boomerangs of her friends clinking drinks on her Instagram story. She’s pretty basic but is also a lot of fun and a good friend. She’s usually the mom of the friend group but loves to throw down and have a good time as well.

Miller Light

She’s a total daddy’s girl, hence her beer preference. She’s either really annoying or really cool, there is absolutely no in between with this girl. She’s the first person to complain at the bar and the one friend you wonder why you even hang out with. Probably because she’s friends with everyone else in your group.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

She’s probably still in high school because this is likely the only beer she’s ever drank, which is the only reason why it’s her favorite. She’s a try-hard but she’s young so you give her a break despite how annoying she can be. Likely the little sister of the Busch Light girl, she’s always around.

Blue Moon

Like the beer she drinks, she’s as sweet as can be. She’ll always add flavor to your life and is fun to be around. She’s the life of the party, but always keeps it classy. She’s the kind of girl that everyone wants to be around and be friends with.

Stella Artois

This girl straight up thinks she’s better than everyone else and doesn’t care who knows it. She’s always overdressed and annoying. You can’t seem to get rid of her no matter how hard you try. She’s only fun when she’s drunk, which is probably why no one has called her out for her snobbery.


She really wants a margarita but couldn’t find one at the bar. She’s as extra as they come, but also the most fun girl in the group. She’s the one who starts the party and is the last to leave the bar. No party or night out is complete without her

Anything with a pumpkin flavor.

Even more basic than the Bud Light girl, she can be found taking selfies at the bar at any point in the night. She’s not the biggest fan of beer, hence the pumpkin flavor, and never shuts up about her love for Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Many girls turn into her once fall comes around.

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A beer bottle on a dock