Ray Fulcher Has That 90s Country Sound You’ve Been Missing With “Me And You”

This one’s for the real country music lovers.

There’s really no room to argue, Ray Fulcher has a country as dirt voice and a 90s country feel to his music. His newest acoustic video for his song “Me And You” off of his Here We Go Again EP really speaks to that. For you real deal country kids in love out there, here is your new favorite song.

"Me and You" Live Acoustic Video

"Me and You" LIVE Acoustic Video. Wrote this one with Chris Rogers and Chad Bishop. Y'all give it a listen and a share! Thanks to everyone for all the support. You can find the full band version of this song on itunes and Spotify. Video: Andrew LangstonRecording: Ryan Youmans

Posted by Ray Fulcher on Thursday, June 29, 2017

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A beer bottle on a dock