Police Encourage Fans To “Dance While Wearing Clothes” At Canadian Country Music Festival

Saskatchewan RCMP were politely reminding all Craven Country Thunder attendees who like to “dance like nobody’s watching” to do so while wearing clothing.

On Saturday, police announced one report of public nudity on the grounds. “With regards to the public nudity, we definitely support people having fun out here on site,” RCMP Staff Sgt. Craig Cleary said. “We do realize, sometimes, that people feel inspired. However, if you feel inspired to dance like nobody’s watching, we just ask that you do it while wearing clothing.”

RCMP said the reality is that other people at the event are watching. According to Sunday morning numbers, there were no more reports of public nudity.

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You heard it here first people. People ARE watching you dance, especially if you’re naked. Thankfully, Staff Sgt. Cleary cracked the whip on these naked fools and kept the helicopter dicks to a minimum over the weekend.

You sir, are the real MVP.

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