Name A Better Summer Anthem Than Kenny Chesney’s “Summertime”

I’ll wait.

8 years later and I still consider Kenny Chesney’s “Summertime” one of the best summer anthems of all time. This song is perfect whether you’re tailgating with friends or driving the open roads by yourself.

“And it’s two bare feet on the dashboard
Young love and an old Ford
Cheap shades and a tattoo
And a Yoo-Hoo bottle on the floorboard”

If that doesn’t describe an ideal summer day, maybe this will…

“Perfect song on the radio
Sing along ’cause it’s one we know
It’s a smile, it’s a kiss
It’s a sip of wine, it’s summertime
Sweet summertime”

No matter what you say, this song will remain the perfect summer anthem for years to come. What is your all-time favorite summer anthem? Let us know in the comments!

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock