10 Reasons You Need To Be Listening To Country Music On Vinyl

“Slowly plannin’ my survival, In a three foot stack of vinyl.”

There is just something about the warmth of vinyl that can’t be beat. Most people have never even tried it, but trust me, it will change your life forever. You may not have realized, but country music was made for vinyl.

Here’s 10 reasons why:

1. It flat out sounds better.

It has a classic feel to it that you just don’t get from an mp3 or cd.

2. It’s sexier.

Nothing’s sexier than dropping the needle when you’re having a romantic evening. Think about that moment; the guy is never hitting the close button on a cd player.

3. It’s more relaxing.

Pour a glass of whiskey and find the meaning of life and shit.

4. Reading books sucks less.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but reading makes me tired. Unless I’m listening to a record. Then I’m good.

5. Record Store Day.

A Saturday in April every year (next years is April 21st) where small record stores across the country are celebrated and they hold sales/special offers on some exclusive items. You can get some good shit on this day.

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6. It lasts.

CD’s will wear out and your phone’s going to break or need upgraded in two years. A vinyl is built to last. I have some that are 20+ years older than me

7. There’s more nostalgia with a record.

Nobody ever talks about their hand-me-down CDs or tapes (although these might be soon). Every musician I hear talk say they got into music from their parents’ vinyl collection.

8. The intoxicating scratch sound.

The scratch of the needle hitting the record can sooth the soul.

9. A big stack just looks great.

A 3 foot stack of vinyl has more music than a 3 foot stack of anything else. Which leads me to the most important reason of all…

10. Church told you to.

Can’t have a record year without it. There’s a B side you can cheers to.

I’m glad the vinyl is making a comeback and hope they stick around for many years to come. Milk crates finally need a purpose again.

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A beer bottle on a dock