If You Aren’t On The Jon Pardi Train Yet, You Will Be After Reading These 18 Points

Where all the #PARDIanimals at?!

Jon Pardi has come in real hot after the release and success of his song “Head Over Boots” in 2016. Even though he’s relatively “new” to some…others, like myself have been on the Pardi train for awhile now and it’s no secret why. The guy is incredibly talented. His songs stay true to that authentic country music sound while also appealing to the modern-day country music fan.

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If you aren’t a Pardi Animal yet, you will be after reading these 18 reasons you should be.  

1. He can write just as good as he can sing. #RESPECT

2. He’s a big time dog lover.

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3. He’s a family man.

A group of people in the snow

Like father, like son. A kitchen with a sink and a toaster ovenHe’s a mama’s boy and that says a lot.

4. It’s easy to tell he’s always down for a jam sesh and a few beers.

5. He’s stayed true to his down-home California cowboy style over the years.

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6. He’s a cheap date.

If for whatever reason he made you pay, at least you could count on him being a cheap date. Apparently, he’d be happy eating gas station egg rolls and drinking Coors light. He’s just that kind of guy. Hm, I can dig.

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7. He hunts.

And you know what they say about a man in camo…

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9. He has a song for when you want to drink…a lot.

10. …and a song for when you’re “Head Over Boots” in love.

11. …and then one for when they break your heart.

12. He basically has a song for every emotion.

13. He’s a modern day classic country artists on the radio who doesn’t hate on artists branching out.

14. He supports our veterans.

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15. He’s a real life Woody.

…all my childhood dreams have come true.

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16. He’s a man full of variety.


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A group of people in the snow

And I’m going to take a guess that whiskey has to be in the mix at some point…

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17. A cowboy hat and a pair of jeans have never looked better.

Hot damn cowboy take me away.

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18. He’s on the kickass What The Hell tour right now with Dierks Bentley and Cole Swindell.

Talk about a triple threat.

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I’ll be at the show next week in Indy, and it’s going to be one hell of a night with this guy there- no doubt. Check here to see if this tour is coming anywhere near you soon so you can join the PARDI.

Follow Jon on Instagram here to keep up with him.