Fireball Caramel Sauce Is The Perfect Ice Cream Topper For A Summer Buzz

You’ve gotta love that sweet and spicy cinnamon flavor of Fireball Whisky.

Mix it up into a sinfully good caramel sauce and you have a summer treat that goes great on just about everything. I Love it. I love it on apples. I love it on ice cream. Sometimes put a little bit in my hair when I’ve had a rough week. What do you think holds it up, slick?

But anyway, here’s how to make it.

What you need.


1 bag of Kraft Caramels…(30 Caramels..unwrapped)

2 tbsp. (or so) of Fireball Whiskey

Some scooped out Apple balls for dipping?! <<optional!

Stuff to pour it on, dip it in, a clean finger…or a spoon!


  • UNWRAP ALL of the me
  • In a medium pot melt the Caramels and the Whiskey together until smooth.


Dip some Apple balls in it or whatever you’d like.


It goes great on ice cream.



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