Maren Morris Talks About The Sad Truth Of Being A Woman In The Music Industry

Why does it have to be this way?

Being a fan of the entertainment business, I’ve always noticed that the first thing an interviewer asks a woman artist is “who are you wearing?” Even though the artists are there because of their unbelievable talent, they seem to be mostly asked about their beauty and fashion.

Maren Morris sat down with Glamour and revealed a negative aspect about being a woman in the industry.

“It’s kind of a catch-22 because I enjoy being a woman. I love everything about being a woman, for the most part. And I love beauty — I grew up in a hair salon. I love doing my own makeup on tour and talking about it with my fans. But when I’ve released an album that went number one and have a Grammy under my belt, and the first thing the interviewer talks about is my short haircut, I feel disassociated because I have accomplished a lot of really crazy things in the last year,” Morris admitted.

She’s right, she has without a doubt cemented herself as a top-artist this year and I bet it is super frustrating to be asked about her looks more than her music.

Morris is a huge role models for girls everywhere, so it is important to her to show them that your worth isn’t defined about how you look. I give major kudos to her on this one.

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