What Lee Brice Did For A Fan That Passed Away Will Make You Respect Him Forever

Courtney Trent, 20-year-old Lee Brice fan, died in a head-on car crash June 17 after an oncoming driver fell asleep at the wheel. Trent was a wife and a new mother to a 6-month-old.

As her family was mourning her death, a fundraising page was set up for them. The campaign was set up on Meal Train, which allows people to donate money and meals to those in need.

On that fundraising page, a special and large donation came in. $1,135 from none other than Lee Brice, with a message that said, “Y’all will be in my prayers.”

Courtney’s brother told Journal News that Lee Brice was her sister’s favorite artist. He said he reached out to the country star on Twitter after his sister’s death. Lee Brice privately messaged him soon after, asking how he could help, so Scott said he sent him a link to the online collection.

What a great guy. If that didn’t make you gain respect for him, I don’t know what will.

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