This Snortable Chocolate Powder Is The New Legal Way To Get A Buzz, Would You Do It?

Alright, who’s heard of this?

As a college kid, I know things ending in “Loko” usually don’t end well. Thank you, Four Loko. But while watching the news this morning, I saw a new craze that caught my attention.

Coco Loko. It’s a snortable cacao-based powder whose manufacturer claims offers “euphoric energy” and “calm focus,” according to ABC News.

The CEO of the company that is producing this stuff, Legal Lean, says “it’s designed to give you an endorphin rush and a serotonin release. It gives you euphoric energy a little pep in your step, something extra to party and makes you get in the mood to enjoy your night,”

Apparently, Coco Loko took of in Europe and has been a popular thing to give out in nightclubs. Seems safe.

“I didn’t consult with any medical professionals. I basically just saw what they were doing in Europe. There are no health issues, it’s been out two, three years, everyone seems fine,” Anderson said to ABC News.

This product is definitely not FDA approved, but I bet most people would try this. I bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking: this sounds like chocolate cocaine.

Would you be down to try this or is this the new recipe for disaster?

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via ABC News


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