Devin Dawson Is Set To Make A Splash With His Debut Album

Devin Dawson.

If you don’t know him, you should.

Remember the viral Taylor Swift Blank Space/Style mashup cover from a few years back? Well, it’s one if my favorites and I listened to it on repeat for weeks. Now, it’s racked up almost 34 million views on YouTube and those effortless vocals of the male star have made their way to the radio waves.

We previously wrote about his debut single, “All On Me”, but since then he’s release 2 more songs: “I Don’t’ Care Who Sees” and “Second Hand Hurt”.

“I Don’t Care Who Sees” is a poppy, feel good love song about being in your own world with the one you love. “Second Hand Hurt” is wonderful play on words about breaking up with someone and realizing it was a mistake and the feelings that come along with it. All three songs are radio ready in my opinion.

Devin’s album release date is has yet to be determined, but this is an artist to watch.

Here’s his latest, “I Don’t Care Who Sees”.

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