“Beersbee” Might Be The Most Fun You Can Have Drinking

AKA “Polish Horeshoes.”

Beersbee is a combination of frisbee and horseshoes, except there’s a twist.

A great twist. The kind of twist that gets your really drunk.

Here’s what you need:

2 poles
2 bottles/cans
1 Frisbee

Beersbee Setup: T

The 2 poles are placed 36 feet apart. Place one bottle/can on top of each pole.

Beersbee Rules:

Players must remain behind their poles at all times.
Each player/team takes alternating turns trying to know the target off the pole furthest away from them.
Once the target is struck or the frisbee strikes the pole, the opposing team has the opportunity to catch the frisbee or the target if knocked off. If you catch the target, the other team doesn’t get points for knocking it off. If the frisbee hit the pole and you catch it before it hits the ground, the other team doesn’t get points for hitting the pole.

Beersbee Scoring:

15 (or 21) point games. Must win by 2 points.
0 points awarded if target and pole missed.
1 point awarded for hitting pole and defending team doesn’t catch the frisbee.
2 points awarded for knocking down target and it is not caught by defending team.

If you need help making your own beersbee game, these guys can help.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock