Going Through A Break Up? Relate To RaeLynn’s Newest Single, “Lonely Call”

Spot on.

Even though country star RaeLynn has a beautiful marriage with her husband Josh now, it wasn’t always perfect. Her newest single “Lonely Call” is about a breakup the now-happy couple went through before they got married.

She really pours it all out, and if you’re going through a breakup, I’m sure you’re about to agree with every word.

“I used to be your “6 a.m
Hey good morning
Beautiful, how you been?”
I used to be a “we just landed
Miss you, you can’t stand it
See you this weekend”
Now I’m just a midnight number
Familiar voice
When you start to wonder if you made the wrong choice
So let it ring, let it ring all night long
‘Cause I ain’t your lonely call”

This single is off of RaeLynn’s Wild Horse album which she has said is literally her “diary.” If you’ve gone through heartache, this one is about to hit you hard…


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock