Get Yourself A Girl That Can Shoot And Be The Happiest Guy on Earth

You should date a girl who reads. You should date a girl who takes care of herself. You should, moreover, date a girl who knows how to shoot.

A girl who shoots isn’t a country or a city girl. She isn’t a stereotype and can’t be boxed into any kind of role. A girl who shoots knows exactly what she needs and how to give back the love and dedication she receives.

At the range, a girl who shoots may stand out, but she doesn’t care. She’s the target of a lot of disbelief, but she believes in herself. You want to be the one she has her eye on.

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Got to have the total package, right? Here’s why:

1. She’s organized.

Let’s face it, we all need a little organization in our lives. As a gun owner, a good level of organization is required to properly store and care for a gun. Gun owners are just as likely to inventory their guns as they are to inventory their garages on a scheduled basis. Both activities help you keep your home safe and less cluttered, a true win-win.

2. She cares for her relationship the way she cares for her guns.

This girl will keep her guns cleaned, store them properly and use them often at the range. She knows how much care and dedication a relationship needs, too, and she will take responsibility for that.

3. She’s got a strong stance.

Feet shoulder width apart, arms extended, breathing into her shot — you know her aim is true. This girl doesn’t back down from what she believes in. She takes a moment before giving it all she’s got. This girl will tell you like it is, but she will also respect your point of view.

4. She doesn’t mess around with her ammo.

She takes gun safety seriously. This girl knows that BBS, pellets, cartridges or shells designed for a specific gun can only be fired safely in that gun. She knows when something is a right fit and when it isn’t. When you’re made for each other, you just know it.

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5. She’s got a good eye.

She’s got great eyes, actually, but what’s really important about them is how they see things. Every gun is different — how it recoils or how it’s held. A girl who shoots knows how and when to take her aim. She notices important details about what she feels and experiences and won’t dismiss that intuition.

6. She isn’t shy about prepping her target.

She grabs the gun — the staple gun — and staples up the corners of the target. This girl doesn’t worry about leaving her purse on the bay. She doesn’t have trust issues and is straight with you.

A group of people in the snow

7. She doesn’t lug around useless junk.

She came to shoot and has only what’s needed. No frills. This girl isn’t going to be indecisive about you or what she needs in a relationship. Letting go of personal baggage isn’t an issue for her. She’s easygoing and to the point.

8. Guns are “scary,” and a girl who can shoot a gun overcomes her fears.

Guns are serious business and need to be handled with respect, not fear. A girl, or anyone, who stands there and calmly makes the shot is a keeper. She faces her fears — whether they are internal or external.

9. She’s not overly self-conscious.

She wears protection — the embarrassing but necessary kind. Ear plugs and goggles make anyone look like a nerd. This girl easily laughs and isn’t afraid of a little embarrassment or dirt.

10. She’s independent.

A girl who shoots is not afraid to walk through the “bad part of town” without her boyfriend. For her, it’s not about carrying a gun for protection. It’s the confidence she has from her practice and the responsible choices she makes when it comes to gun ownership and usage. A girl who shoots knows how to take care of herself.

Date a girl who shoots. Her aim is true, and she knows what she needs. Her dedication to your relationship will be focused with a true passion. Her stance on most things won’t be changed, but she will laugh off just about anything. You’ll know her when you see her. Chances are that she’ll even spot you first.

11. She’s a badass. Obviously.

A group of people in the snow

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