27 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Played High School Volleyball

Volleyball brought a lot to the table. A lot of fun, pain, and memories.

You’re never going to forget the game and everything that came with it. Thanks for the good times volleyball.

1. Having to bear through practice with a smile on your face the time you forgot your knee pads.

It’s fine. That’s normal.

2. Yelling “mine” or “I go” to anything that comes your way.

3. Slipping into the crocks right after a game.

No judgment.

4. Rolling into a tournament with your team and all your gear on thinking you were super intimidating.

5. The time you got nailed in the back of the head by someone’s  failed attempt to serve.

6. The first time you worked on passing, your arms burned for quite a few hours after practice.

7. The feeling you get after you block someone.

8. The smell of your brand new shoes.

9. And also the smell of your knee pads. Which let me be clear, were two different smells.

10. Successfully saving the day with a pancake.

11. The spandex wedgie was a serious problem.

12. Summer didn’t really exist because two-a-days took over your life.

13. The time you got nailed in the face by a powerful hit and then proceeded to act like it didn’t hurt when you and everyone else knows it actually did.

14. Watching your manicure chip away by the second during practice.

15. That time one of your teammates screwed over the entire team and your coach lost it.

He probably looked something like this.

16. Creating the perfect chants for your kills and aces.

17. The moment you realized volleyball knowledge is forever ingrained in your mind.

This is driving me crazy because her wrists and hands aren’t together and her thumbs are not aligned.

18. Practicing diving over and over again until you get it right.

19.When you tried to see how many balls you could get in one trip while shagging.

20. Only volleyball players know what “peppering” is. To anyone else it’s a spice they put on their food.

21. Every time someone said “spike” or “bump” instead of “hit” or “pass” it made you a little bit crazy.

22. Reffing a game that your team should’ve been playing in completely sucked.

23. The feeling after a good practice is the best feeling ever. Even if you can’t walk the next day.

24. Winning the big rival game by just two points.

25.”On the line” being one of the worst things your coach could say.

26. The uncontrollable excitement before the first game of the season.

27. …and the overwhelming sadness when it all ended.