Adam Wakefield Hits Home With New Video For “Blame It On Me”

“Blame it on me if it makes you feel better…”

We’ve all been there, trying to make ourselves feel better about a breakup by picking apart everything the other person did wrong. Sometimes it helps, but most of the time we’re just making excuses and we really can’t let that person go, no matter what we blame them for.

Adam Wakefield may have been runner-up on The Voice, but he’s sure as hell on his way to making his own name for himself in country music with his soulful style and emotional lyrics. His new single “Blame It On Me” paints the perfect picture of that heartbreak tale we know all too well, but that didn’t stop him from having a little fun with the video.

“I’ve never flown private, so having a private plane in the video was awesome – even if it was pulled in with a tractor for the shoot. It’s about the closest I’ll get to a private plane for the time being…”

A true man of the people. Keep your eyes on this guy, this is only the beginning.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock