Kelsea Ballerini’s “Boys Like You” Sums Up Every Girl’s Heartbreak

Kelsea Ballerini‘s “Boys like You” is one of her hidden, unreleased gems. The words of the song are relatable for every girl who’s been through heartbreak.

“For a moment, I really thought you loved me
You said the three words and I believed
But now I’m sitting here crying, feeling crazy
‘Cause I was crossing my fingers for forever
And you were ready to leave”

Sound familiar? He said he loved you but his actions failed to back up his words. He let you fall with no intention of taking care of your heart. Now you feel like you’re the crazy one when really you did nothing wrong.

“You take our whole heart, then give it back piece by piece
Leave us to fix it up with a lock and a chain
And then the good guys wonder why we’re so jaded
Well, I blame it on boys like you”

They take your entire heart but give it back in pieces. Now, every time a good guy comes along who actually wants to love you right, you only have a broken heart to give him.

“You had it all
My heart, my soul
Couldn’t you have given it back
Before you hit the road?”

I’ll just leave this here. Ladies, one day you’ll be fine. Fellas, take care of her heart.


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A beer bottle on a dock