BREAKING: Kip Moore Announces Third Album – “Slowheart”

September 8th is about to be the new best day of my life.

Kip Moore is slated to release his 3rd album entitled, Slowheart, after a 5 month travel hiatus. The new album was mostly produced by Kip himself, but for the first time, Kip will cut two tracks from outside writers and use a less polished, more authentic approach to recording.

“I sang through an SM-7, which is about a two hundred dollar mic,” says Moore. “It’s a very aggressive mic, and if you’re not ‘on,’ it’s going to show. It’s very unforgiving. But if you hit it right, it fit for my voice.”

I’ve heard about 5 or 6 songs from this album myself and I can tell you that, from what I’ve heard, it’s incredible. Nobody in country music is more passionate about music, nobody works as hard to perfect their craft as Kip does and nobody gives every single ounce of everything they got on the road each year like Kip does. He’s a warrior.

Quite honestly, there is nobody I respect more in country music. I can’t wait.

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Tracklist for Kip Moore’s Slowheart:

1. “Plead the Fifth” (Luke Dick, Josh Kear)
2. “Just Another Girl” (Kip Moore, Westin Davis, Ben Helson)
3. “I’ve Been Around” (Kip Moore, Dan Couch)
4. “Fast Women” (Kip Moore, Blair Daly, Westin Davis, Troy Verges)
5. “Bitter Sweet Company” (Kip Moore, Josh Miller, Troy Verges)
6. “Sunburn” (Kip Moore, David Garcia, Josh Miller, Steven Olsen)
7. “More Girls Like You” (Kip Moore, Steven Olsen, Josh Miller, David Garcia)
8. “The Bull” (Jon Randall, Luke Dick)
9. “Blonde” (Kip Moore, Steven Olsen, Josh Miller, David Garcia)
10. “Good Thing” (Kip Moore, Josh Miller, Troy Verges)
11. “Last Shot” (Kip Moore, Dan Couch, David Lee Murphy)
12. “Try Again” (Kip Moore, David Garcia, Josh Miller)
13. “Guitar Man” (Kip Moore, Dan Couch, Westin Davis)

Cover Photo via Life In Rewind Films

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