34 Things I Want To Thank My Dad For Today

Father’s Day isn’t the only time that we should be thanking our fathers. If you’re lucky enough to have a father figure in your life who cares about and loves you, then you are one of the lucky ones. Some girls grow up without any strong father figure, so don’t take yours for granted.

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Here are 34 things I want to thank my dad for. Thank you for…

1. Coming home from long days at work and spending time with me.

2. Hard work and stress-filled days to support me financially.

3. The oversized t-shirt I am currently wearing.

4. Showing me how a man should properly treat and respect a woman.

5. Giving me my determination, drive, and work ethic.

6. Passing along that quiet but killer sense of humor.

7. Sharing with me your lessons learned so that I too can learn from them.

8. Tough love.

9. Teaching me and letting me drive your truck.

10. Reminding me to always take the time to smell the roses.

11. Taking the training wheels off my first bike.

12. Making me laugh every time you say “ice cream” because it sounds more like “i-shh cream.”

13. Taking me to the “lil wawa” when I wanted to swim.

14. …and pretending my boogie board actually had pizza on it.

15. Never forcing me to become a doctor or engineer or something I’m not.

16. Being the “Dad’s Weekend” champ every single year.

17. Feeding me junk food when mom wasn’t around.

18. Taking me fishing.

19. Forgiving me when I broke your lava lamp from college.

20. Making me laugh when I’m upset and putting everything into perspective.

21. Your stories and advice.

22. Supporting me every step of the way.

23. Being one of the rare good men of the world.

24. Passing along the vampire hazel eyes.

25. Teaching me how to never give up…like when you played flip cup for the first time and took about 10 tries to flip your cup.

26. Passing along to me the joy that comes with the little things in life.

27. Setting the high and seemingly impossible standard for any potential future partner of mine.

28. Attempting to explain the stock market to me over and over again. One day we’ll get there.

29. Not only accepting but actually preferring burnt food.

30. All the spiders you killed for me.

31. Teaching me how to shoot a gun so I can protect myself.

32. Accepting me, even as a Boilermaker.

33. Dancing at the father-daughter dances with me even if we were the worst pair on the dance floor.

34. Loving our family unconditionally.

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