Water Balloons and Beer— The Only Drinking Game You’ll Need This Summer

We have a new game for you. On those scorching hot days when day drinking is inevitable, Beersplash is the best way to stay cool. It’s a water balloon toss that, like all good things, involves drinking. All you need is a couple friends, a pile of water balloons, and a case of beer. It’s the best, mildly competitive way to have a good time and beat the heat.

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Step One— The Setup

Beersplash is a race to victory, with two people on each team. The first step is to choose three spots (or markers) around your area. The farther apart the markers are, the more fun it is. Each team must place a cup at each marker. Then comes the booze— fill each of the cups with beer.

The recommended dosage is a full beer between the three cups, but that can be altered as the players see fit.

Step Two— Players, Take Your Positions

Only one teammate will be drinking each round. The drinkers on each team wait at a designated location while the non-drinkers (throwers) grab a water balloon and position themselves. They must choose a spot best suited to toss a water balloon to each marker. Once they’ve chosen their spot, the throwers cannot move their legs.

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The game is ready to begin when the throwers are holding a water balloon in their chosen spot and the drinkers are standing beside each other in an agreed-upon location.

Step Three— And They’re Off!

The race starts with an initial water balloon toss (back and forth one time) between the teammates. Once completed, the drinkers must run to the first marker. Before moving on, they have to down the cup and complete another toss back and forth with the thrower. Whether they drink or throw first is up to the team.

After finishing the cup and the toss, the drinker must run to the next marker and so on until all the cups are empty. Whichever team empties all the cups first is the winner. Each round only lasts about two minutes and those beers will sneak up on you, so best of luck.

You’re going to want to have plenty of balloons. When a balloon bursts, the thrower must run to the pile of extras, grab one, and run back to their position and throw again. While they’re doing this, the drinker must spin around three times.

Friendly interference is also encouraged. What “friendly” means is up to you.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock