“Fingerprints” Might Just Be Eli Young Band’s Best Album Ever

Eli Young Band is going back to its roots with their latest release Fingerprints.

Their previous EP took some creative liberties, but with Fingerprints, Eli Young Band is back to doing what it does best. Writing goods songs that resonate with the listener on a personal level. Most importantly, it all goes back to the fans.

“In the past, we’ve enjoyed experimenting in the studio, like we did on the EP,” explained drummer Chris Thompson. Bass player Jon Jones added, “With this album, we made a concerted effort to take our cues from our fans. We’ve really paid attention to which songs they respond to during the live shows, whether they were the singles, or deep album cuts. We wanted to go into the studio with sounds that have resonated the most with the fans.”

Overall, Fingerprints is a rock solid album. One through eleven, every song has something to offer both the die hard fan and the casual country listener. With top to bottom consistency like that, Fingerprints just might be my favorite Eli Young Band album ever.

Click here to download Fingerprints on iTunes.

Standout Tracks:

“Saltwater Gospel”

“Skin & Bones”

“Never Again”

“Old Songs”

“God Love The Rain”

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