An Open Letter To The Girls Putting On Way Too Much Makeup To Go Hunting

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I wouldn’t call this a bone to pick as much as I would call it something I’ve noticed.

You have various types of “country girls.” You have the real rough and tough ones. You have the glammed up ones. You have the girls living in a big city that love country music. You have many more.

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Any girl from any walk of life can be country in her own way – I dig that. But what the HELL is going on with this extra done-up makeup to go hunting? This is like taking a shower before you workout. Like drinking beer before running a marathon. It makes no fucking sense to me.

I see it so much. It’s everywhere. Girls get the makeup done as if they’re off to a bridal party, nope, off to a tree. It’s not just hunting. It’s fishing. It’s camping. It’s mudding. Look, I get it. You need that Instagram pic. You want to be the girl that looks like she’s about to hit up the club, but first, let me shoot this deer to death. I get it, I do. But, I don’t get it at all, also.

Go hunting with crusties in your eyes. Guys love a girl that doesn’t always need to be dolled up, and hunting is a place it’s not necessary (unless you’re a model getting paid). Should hunting be a makeup-free zone? I see the comments I know plenty of you agree with me. I also know a lot of girls won’t agree. But those girls have like 98,000 Instagram followers.

Get your new favorite hoodie right here. It doesn’t get more comfy.

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A beer bottle on a dock