Introducing The Whiskey Riff: Your New Favorite Summer Cocktail

Keep it simple.

When I drink I only have a couple rules. Does it taste good? Does it get me drunk? And sometimes, how does it make you feel physically (ie as you get older you hate that bloated feeling). We were messing around during the podcast recently and invented a nice summer cocktail, The Whiskey Riff.

Typically, I drink my whiskey neat, maybe one ice cube. However, every now and then a little lime, a little carbonation doesn’t hurt. This drink is strong, with just a hint of lime and bubbly. Great for a hot day. Most importantly, it tastes good, gets you drunk, and keeps that figure lean.

A person holding a trophy


1 part lime La Croix

1 part Jack Daniel’s


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock