An Open Letter To The True “Country” Girls

I’m a country girl.

I’m a real country girl, that is.

No, my stomach is not flat and my legs do not equal up to Carrie Underwood’s. Daisy dukes, boots and bikini tops aren’t in my daily wardrobe. If I do decide to wear them, there will be flaws, and I’m not afraid to show those.

A person holding a trophy

My ball cap usually isn’t backwards and cowboy hats are still in style to me. But sometimes, I may wear a Snapback, it all depends. This doesn’t make me any more, or less, country. It makes me honest, and it makes me who I am. My vehicle is a product of my own money, not my daddy’s. It’s a work in progress, and I am totally OK with that. I won’t shake my money maker in a sundress for all the guys. If I want a beer, I’ll get it myself and drink it straight from the can, not a Dixie Cup. And, you can bet your ass I can shotgun that beer if I feel like it. I will outdo the guys too.

I don’t fish in my bikini and I don’t wear makeup or fix my hair to go hunting. It’s not my thing to doll myself up just for an Instagram photo. I don’t do the things I do for show or likes and I never will. I’m friendly but I have a bad temper. I’m kind-hearted, but don’t cross me. I’m a wild child. I’m hard to handle and I’ll drive you crazy, sometimes in the best way possible. I can handle that shot of whiskey better than you ever could and I can drive your truck with no problem. Sitting shotgun isn’t my thing, but I’ll do it for the right guy. The respectful one. I look like and act like a girl but I definitely think like a guy. I love my country, my state, and my hometown that you’ve never been to. I’m straight up with people but I’m reserved. I still say ‘hey’ to strangers and wave at people when they pass by. I was country before it was cool… I was country before Luke Bryan sang about country girls shakin’ their booty, and I will remain country long after those songs are forgotten. I’m not that girl that’s in the song on your radio, I’m so much more than that. I have more to offer than I can keep track of, and faults I am not afraid of. I’m a country girl.

Yes, real ones still exist. Real ones like me. Like us. 

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock