Stay Single Until You Can Do Nothing With A Person And Love It

A man and woman kissing on a field

People panic when they remain single for too long. Let me tell you, you shouldn’t panic.

Stay single. Wait.

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Wait until you find a person you can do nothing with, and love it.

Stay single until you can sit in silence with that person and feel as safe as you’ve ever felt.

Stay single until you can laugh at nothing, and it means everything.

Stay single until awkwardness is something that you two make fun of, and enjoy.

Stay single until you can be yourself at all times, not just when the moment is right.

Stay single until trust and respect is obvious, and there is no need to talk about it.

Stay single until you can watch each other’s shows without arguing.

Stay single until silence doesn’t make you nervous. 

Stay single until the love can be unspoken, and the need to say “I love you” almost feels forced.

Stay single until you can feel the connection without speaking, making contact, or even having your eyes open.

Stay single until you can sit in public with this person and just make fun as you people watch, making each other cry from laughter.

Stay single until a walk in so longer just a walk.

A night cuddling on the couch in no longer just a night cuddling.

A hug is no longer just a hug.

And a kiss says it all. 

Stay single until the connection runs so deep, that doing nothing is everything you could ever want. 

Stay single until you find that love.

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A beer bottle on a dock