Easton Corbin Caught One Helluva Gator

Hell of a catch.

Easton Corbin took to the waters of his native Florida on Wednesday in search of a prize. He didn’t settle for bass or anything easy however. The 35 year-old singer, mostly known for his upbeat love tunes, showed off his wild side by trying his hand at alligator chasing.

They used multiple boats, with Corbin going in one of the smaller kayaks.

“Honestly, it’s mating season in Florida for gators and these kayaks kinda look like big gators. I don’t know about that,” he jokes in the video.

There was tentative talk before launching, with Corbin speculating the odds of being eaten. He ended up being successful in the end, wrangling what he called a “mighty big lizard” on Twitter.

Corbin actually said previously that he wouldn’t ever be crazy enough to wrestle any alligators, but fishing for them must be a different story.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock