A Lot Of People Hate Country Music, But Love Johnny Cash. Here’s Why

Ask Reddit posed the question, why do so many people hate country music, but love Johnny Cash?

Here’s what they had to say:

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1. “Johnny Cash has been wonderful at responding to the culture at the time, and also to reinvent himself. My personal belief is that his wife, June Carter, played more of an important role in marketing.”

2. “His voice doesn’t carry a note in such away that it irritates my ears in a similar way to an alarm clock’s repetitive ringing. Many country singers do that. He sounds like a hard motherfucker who’s seen a lot, not an ignorant, overly-patriotic, overly-religious, void minded sheep.”

3. ” I think the reason more than anything is that, like you said, he transcends genres. The heart of his music is country, but there’s a lot of rock n’ roll, folk, gospel, etc. in there so it’s a lot more accessible to people who don’t normally like country or who only like certain elements of it.”

4. “Johnny Cash is just a badass motherfucker. The drugs, the black clothes, singing for prisoners. And great fucking songs. What’s not to like?”

5. “Johnny Cash doesn’t sound like country you hear on the radio. Johnny Cash fans would probably like alt country or outlaw country if they knew what those were.”

6. “Well a lot of his music isn’t really country. Like the “Hurt” cover, for instance. His most famous song, “Folsom Prison Blues”, was closer to a blues song than country. Lots of what he did was definitely country, but that doesn’t seem to be too popular among non-country fans.”

7. “A lot of old school country singers, like cash, were more story tellers than modern country singers are, and they sang about real things..a lot of them don’t anymore.”

8. “He was pretty influential in early Rock and Roll. I think if you appreciate any type of modern music you owe at least a small debt of gratitude to Johnny. Plus, he was just a fucking bad ass.”

9. “I would say that his “American” recordings, the 4th of which included the cover of “Hurt”, which came out in 2002, probably played a big part in that as well. Walk the Line was 2005, so I think you’re probably right, that was the height of the resurgence of Cash, in that gap there.”

10. “Cash was a legend. you can’t put him side by side with bullshit like rascal flats, he was awesome, but he is the only “country” artist I would listen to.”

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