7 Life Lessons From Justin Moore’s “Bait A Hook”

It’s dating 101 folks and Justin Moore wrote the book on it.

If you keep striking out with yuppie city folks, Justin Moore might have some reasons why.

Here’s 7 life lessons from Justin Moore’s “Bait A Hook.”

A man wearing a cowboy hat


1. Sushi is actually kind of gross.

I’m from California- the land of sushi and tummy tucks. Sorry, but sushi is only delicious if it is covered in fried food…and doesn’t taste like sushi.

2. Country boys are so much more impressive.

Hard-working, talented, can shoot things, know their liquor, drive trucks… (bonus points for accents)

3. You know you’ve dreamt about what the perfect date with a country boy would be.

Kissin’ in the rain, meeting his mom, taking a back road with romantic country on the radio (think The Longest Ride).

4. City boys are boring.

They can’t do what country boys can do. Fancy cars are nice, but foreign cars are stupid. They also drink girlier drinks than I do.

5. Country charm > city charm.

Is city charm even a real thing? Maybe your city slicker is good with his words, but does he bring you wildflowers and give you cute Southern-style nicknames?

6. Yeah, you could probably marry a doctor, but what’s the fun in that?

Country boys will take you fishing, hunting, mudding. Being outside is way more fun.

7. Baiting a hook should be a test of whether or not he should get a second date.

If he can’t, dump him.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock