14 Life Lessons About Growing Up From Lee Brice’s “Boy”

Boy, few songs have hit me recently like Lee Brice’s new single.

The heartfelt letter from a dad to his sons will really help you put some things into perspective. At 28, I’m just starting to think that my dad was right about everything and it’s a sobering feeling. That moment where this all becomes real for me is quickly approaching and I’m really taking to heart the words of wisdom in this coming of age song.

Here’s 14 life lessons from Lee Brice’s powerful new single, “Boy.”

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1. You don’t know it all.

“Boy, you’re gonna know it all, you’ll think you’re ten feet tall, and run like you’re bulletproof.”

2. You’ll make mistakes, sometimes big ones.

“And total a car or two.”

3. You’ll inevitably hate your hometown at some point.

“Boy, you’re gonna hate this town, wish you could burn it down.”

4. High school is a blast.

“That fire in your eyes is 20 counties wide, but boy, you’re gonna love 17.”

5. You’ll try to grow up too fast.

“You’re gonna drive and kiss, and throw a punch, and grow up way too fast.”

6. You’ll be put back in your place.

“You’re gonna drop the ball, hit the wall.”

7. You’ll hurt people.

“And break some hearts like glass.”

8. Your dad knows you better than you think, because you’re like him.

“I know you will, ’cause you’re a part of me, and a part of you will always be a boy.”

9. You’ll be stubborn.

“Boy, you’re gonna be so stubborn…”

10. You’ll be like your mother too.

“You get that from your mother.”

11. Someday, a woman will change your whole world.

“When she’s in your hands, you’ll think you’re a man and not a boy. She’ll make you lose your mind, boy, she’ll be every reason why.”

12. Your parents miss you like hell.

“It’s 3am and I’d do anything to get you back to sleep, and that face will be the same one in the rearview, the day I watch you leave.”

13. You’ll settle down one day.

“But boy, you’re gonna come back home, you’re gonna settle down.”

14. When you have your own kids, you’ll understand it all.

“But you won’t feel the way I’m feelin’ now, til you have a boy. He’s gonna know it all, he’ll think he’s ten feet tall and run like he’s bulletproof…and total a car or two.”

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