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10 Stages of Depression After A Country Concert or Festival

Nothing gets you more amped than a concert. Or a weekend festival.

However, there is some serious post-concert depression you always experience. It hurts…BAD. Here are 10 stages of post-concert depression we all struggle with.

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1. Concert high.

You’re at the concert, having the time of your life. The buzz is hitting you, both from the booze, and the music.

2. The encore.

The band leaves the stage, and even though they will be back, you know there are only a few songs left. Shit.

3. It’s over.

No what?

4. The ride home.

You wish the night never ended.

5. Going through pictures.

You get home and start looking at pictures and videos. You post them to every social media outlet. They look much worse than you realized the next morning.

6. The morning after.

You wake up and go back to real life – work, school, whatever it may be. You might wear the new t-shirt you bought. You pour yourself a huge cup of coffee because lord knows you need it. You don’t want to cut your wristband off or wash the stamp off your hand.

You are hungover.

7. Story time.

All the crazy stuff from last night needs to be told.

8. Realization.

You are back in the real world. People stop asking you how the concert was. You still don’t want to accept that it’s over so you keep re-watching your videos.

9. Buy more tickets.

You look up the next time your favorite is in your area and buy tickets immediately. The countdown starts again.

10. Realization (that you’re broke).

Where did all my monies go?

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A beer bottle on a dock