Justin Bieber Pulls Off A Cowboy Hat, Now About The Rest Of Him…

I’ll admit it, I don’t mind Bieber most of the time.

Give me a billion dollars at 14 and I’d probably be much worse off by now, but in other news, Bieber was spotted wearing a cowboy hat and I kind of dig it.

The cowboy hat is a good look for the Biebs. The rest of what he’s wearing, not so much. He looks like more of a rodeo clown than a cowboy. Ditch the tights and get some¬†normal fitting jeans, none of that diaper pants looking shit. Opt for a nice leather jacket instead of some mustard yellow, over sized track jacket/sweatshirt combo and you’ll be in good shape.

Oh yeah, get that straw out of your mouth, you look like you’re sucking on a tiny schwantz.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock